Monday, June 18, 2007

Upcoming YOGA Training in Sept, OCT & NOV 2016

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SATSANG Center of WOBURN MA offers
I. YOGA Workshop for Diabetes
II. 22 Hours Basic YOGA Training

PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT September, October, November DATES .... 

This one week Training will convince you that YOGA is for YOU!
Training includes: Postures, Breathing - Energizing Techniques, Deep Relaxation, Regular Meditation, Meditation for Stress Management, Cleansing Procedures – for Nasal Allergy, Eyes, Abdomen, & Alimentary Canals. Also Weight Management, Anger Management. Material includes Written Instructions, Book, Audio & Video CDs.

Place: SATSANG Center 1 Pleasant St,

Open to all participants of any level - beginners or advance, and regardless of age.
II. Inquire about RESIDENTIAL – Offsite Program, YOGA Teacher’s Training & Camp; Workshops on Stress Management, Specific Ailments such as Diabetes, Hyper Tension – Heart Diseases, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Asthma, Digestive Disorders, Headaches, Anxiety & Depression and Private Consultation for any ailments…
Sudhir 603-623-1930 or 603-661-7101 (cell), 
Pankajben781-334-2968 Hansaben 617-965-9618 Chandrakant 781-272-4591 
Harshalbhai 617-571-7266  
SATSANG Center are a noon-profit Tax-Exempt Organization.

Unity of Religions!
Love is God! God is one, paths are many!

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