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Happy Mother's Day May 13, 2007

Mother’s day Gift: May 13, 2007

1. In our Vedic Culture, Mother is given the highest Importance by proclaiming:
Maatru Devo Bhava.
The first manifestation of God in our life is, Mother. We revere Mother as God. First Guru is mother. In western Culture, the second Sunday of May is reserved for offering our deep sense of Gratitude towards Mother. Mother, who gave this physical body and who brought us in this world. Without body and mind, Soul cannot operate and that honor of giving us the physical existence goes the mother. In Vedic – Hindu Culture, it is emphasized that there is no way, we can pay our debt / obligation to parents in our life time. So we must perform out duty towards our parents whole heartedly. So I leave it up to you to interpret this as to what is our duty towards our parents.

Now, we have many situations exist in our life, where we are reminded that there are other mothers in our life to whom we are obligated….

2. Prayer & Song for Bhaarat – INDIA.
Janani janma bhumisch, swargaadapi gâriyasi.
Janani Janma Bhoomi Svarga se Mahan hai;
Isake Vaaste ye Tan hai Man Hai Aur Praan hai.
Isa ke kan kan pe Likha Raam-Krishna ka Naam Hai;
Veer Veer ke Rudhir se Bhoomi Sasya Shyaam Hai.
Dharm ka ye Dhaam hai Sadaa Ise Pranaam hai;
Svatanta hai Vasundhara, Svatantra hai Aasamaan.

Motherland – BhaaratMaataa is superior to even Heaven. Our whole life, body, mind is for her. The names of the Rama-Krishna are embedded in every dust of this soil. The blood shed of the brave solders has kept land full of greeneries. This is the abode of Dharma, Salutations to thee, “O Mother, This Motherland – BhaaratMaataa is free and will remain as free as sky.” BhaaratMaataa kee Jai! Hail BhaaratMaataa!

Of course, those who are born in US and are Hindu, for them they have two Mother lands. Like Krishna. He was called Devaki Nandan – Son of Devaki, the biological Mother and Yashoda Nandan - Son of Yashodaa, the mother who raised him.
3. Prayer for PRAANAA (Praan – Energy):
Praansyedam Vase Sarvam, Tri Dive yat Pratistthitam,
Maatrev Putraan rakshasva, Shrishch Pragyaanam Cha, videhi Na Iti

O Mother PRANA, Protect this Child, just the way you protect the Three Universes, for his Wealth & Wisdom. Praanaa is probably the most important mother for survival. Now, this mother we pray for protecting, our wealth & wisdom. We need Wisdom first so that we acquire Wealth through proper means and we dispense it wisely. So the Puja for Laxmi and Sarsvati go together. We start with Ganesh first so as to make our jouney or undertaking without Obstacles or overcoming them as we face them. Along with this prayer there are many Pranayama practices offered by Yoga discipline. Thereby, we can keep our systems energized all the times, to stay on the top of our world! We must learn them & make it part of our daily life!

4. Great Kaali, Laxmi & Sarswati:
OM Aim Hrim Clim Chamundaiya Vichai!
I offer my salutations to Mother Mahaa Kali to remove the Tamas, letharethy – inertia, Mother Mahaa Laxmi to provide Prosperity, and Mahaa Sarsvati to bless us with Wisdom.

OM Maatru Devo Bhav! Again Happy Mothers Day. 2007

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