Friday, June 13, 2008

Autism Sprctrum Disorder - YOGA Conference

Sadhu Vaswani Center & NATARAJA YOGA Center offer
YOGA Conference on AUTISM (ASD)
based upon Research by by N.V. Raghuram
International Co-ordinator for sVYASA – Yoga Research Foundation
/ Vivekananda YOGA University, Banglore India.
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June 30th 1. Mon 4 Hrs 12 noon to 4 PM
2. Mini Conf: 7 to 9:30 PM

July 1st 3. 7 to 9:30 PM

Introduction to SMET (Stress Mgmt for Excessive Tension)

Stress Mgmt. also known as SMET & Cyclic Meditation, is the SPECIAL sequence of gentle asana - postures intertwined with relaxations techniques.

Practice offers relxation 2 to 3 times what we get from normal sleep.This is introductory session. Any group wishing wishing to have training for their people, we can offer 5 - days Program.

4. Day Time is OPEN for working Directly with Children with Autism or Developmental Disabilities. Please contact us to arrange ...

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1827 Bridge Street, DRACUT MA 01826
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(5. Note: June 30th Mini Conf. from 8 to 10 AM in Manchester NH)
For Direction to Manchester NH

Gratefully Appreciate your Heartfelt Generous Contribution*
Teachers, support staff, parents, and caregivers are welcome.

Organizers & YOGA Teachers:

1. Sudhir Parikh, Nataraja YOGA Center 603-623-1930 / 603-661-7101 Cell

2. John Featherstone 978-355-2320

*MassYoga Network’s Karma Yoga Grant Program contributed to this conference.

YOGA for Autism Spectrum Disorder

We are very happy to offer Conference on YOGA for Autism Syndrome Disorders.

Research is done by
1. Psychological & Neurological aspects of Yoga,
2. Benefits of Yoga to Children 3. Mental functions of Children with various practices of yoga

Findings applied to Autistic Children.


1. Reduce Psychological pressure to Caretakers and Parents
2. Children feel connected to the world & become much more responsive to the environment ....

Tentative Proposal for FULL Conference of 4 Hours: 1. Introduction - first half hour.
2. Integrative YOGA Therapy - Panca Kosha - useful model of Human personality - 1 hr theory 3. YOGA, Pranayama( Yogic Breathing Practices) and DRT (Deep Relaxation Technique) related to Autism - 1 hr practice
4. Break - 15 Mts5. Autism and yoga perspective – Theory - 1 hr6.
5. Q&A & closing remarks - 30 mts

If children can participate for one hour practice, it would be nice, otherwise let us train parents and care givers.

by N.V. Raghuram of

International Co-ordinator for sVYASA – Yoga Research Foundation
as well as Vivekananda YOGA University, Banglore India.
For a detailed profile:

Organizer & YOGA Teacher:

1. Sudhir Parikh, Nataraja YOGA Center 603-623-1930 / 603-661-7101 Cellnirusudhir22@yahoo.com John Featherstone 978-355-2320

N.V. Raghuram of

International Co-ordinator for sVYASA – Yoga Research Foundation as well as Vivekananda YOGA University, Banglore India.
Since 1978 he has been taking yoga classes, conducting spiritual retreats, Yoga therapy classes for various ailments. He has also been instrumental in training Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma.
Raghuram has been associated with Vivekananda yoga research center (VYASA) as senior faculty since 1989. In this connection he extensively traveled several countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Romania, England in Europe, USA and Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, etc in south east Asia. In these countries he has conducted several yoga courses. He is also instrumental in starting Yoga therapy in MD Anderson Cancer research center in Houston, Stift neurological clinic in Germany and Memorial hospital in Turkey.
He is also instrumental in;
- Partnership programs with Central Michigan University in USA,
- Yoga therapy treatment courses for several ailments.
- Yoga Instructors certification programs.
- Yoga courses for personality development in children.
- Spiritual retreats, and advanced spiritual retreats.
- Conducted more than one thousand stress reduction programs called SMET in India and several countries abroad.
- Yoga therapy research projects for various aliments at medical centers in USA, UK, and Germany. Some of them are;
- Yoga therapy for bronchial asthma in association with Northern Colorado Allergy and asthma center. Ft Collins, Colorado USA.
- Yoga therapy for Rheumatoid arthritis at Middlesboro, England.
- A control study of Yoga therapy for asthmatics, at Ft Collins Colorado USA.
- Yoga therapy for chronic back pain at Bangalore India. - Yoga therapy for eating disorders patients in Los Angeles, USA.
Raghuram also,
- Published several medical research papers in medical and yoga journals and publications.
- Presented several Keynote addresses for the conference in India and abroad.
- Presented workshops and papers in several international conferences since 1990.
- Started yoga therapy work for neurological patients in a hospital at Griesbach Germany where presently twenty teachers trained by him are giving yoga therapy to patients with diseases like multiple sclerosis, ataxia and stroke etc under his guidance. This is the first hospital outside India where yoga therapy is introduced.
He is presently guiding several projects of yoga therapy for heart patients and psychotic patients etc at several places.
Mr. N.V.Raghuram is married with a son. His wife, Dr R.Nagarathna, is the chief medical director and Dean of medicine in VYASA. His Son Amrut is gifted with a unique sense of closeness with wild animals and is in Japan introducing yoga and yoga therapy in a hospital in Kagoshima in Fukuoka. At this young age he spends his holidays in deep jungle with wild animals.
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DIRECTION: Manchester NH

Coming from South (Nashua- Rt. 128/495):

Take 3 North, after Nashua it becomes Everett Pike (Do not get off in Nashua). Þ After paying Toll @ the main Plaza (comes after exit #12), take second exit for 101 West (No Exit Numbers)

Coming from Boston:

Take 93 North, after exit #5 in NH, stay on left to enter 293, 101 West will join, stay on left when 293 separates on right (Do not take this), Continue on left until you come to traffic light

Coming from Concord NH:

Take Rt. 93 to 293 to 101West then follow General Direction:

General Direction:Þ Go straight on 114 North at the first Traffic Light (It comes in about a mile, and 101 West turns left here). Þ Take right at the Forth Traffic (including first one) light on to St. Anslem drive Þ Another right at the first intersection on to Daniel Plummer Road à Our Home is the sixth House on the Left (Just before the Fence).

Address: 169 Daniel Plummer Road GOFFSTOWN MH )3045

Should you get LOST, just call ...... 603-623-1930 or 603-661-7101 or 603-660-9124