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Our YOGA Training Background

Purpose of Life is to Live in Bliss! YOGA SHOWS THE WAY!

Niru & Sudhir Parikh 169 Daniel Plummer Road, Goffstown NH 03045 603-623-1930
603-661-7101 (Cell) e-mail: http://

Teaching Yoga for over 17 Years. Since 1990.

Training & Experience:

1. Baba Ramdev YOGA – Practiced Daily over 40 days from 5 to 8 in the morning covering over 5, six – days YOGA camps on TV. (Home study) in Jan – Feb 2008
2. Master's degree in Yoga education granted by The High-Tech Yoga Institute of America, Lowell MA 2006
3. Swami Vivekananda Kendra, VYASA ( Banglore, India.
A. Certified Trainer for SMET in 2002 (Self Management for Excessive Tension!)
Two weeks Program. 5 AM till 10 PM every day.
B. Certified Yoga Instructors Certification Course (YICC - 1999) – One month's intensive Training Program, starting at 5 AM till 10 PM everyday.
C. Have trained 12 candidates for YICC in USA.
D. Trained for advanced techniques such as SMET ( in 2002), PET (Pranic Energization Technique in 2003) , MSRT ( Mind Sound Resonance in 2003).
E. Boston Coordinators for Yoga Therapy for Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, Low Back Pain and Knee Pain. & First YICC Program in 2001.
4. Yoga Training @ Ananda Ashram, Monroe NY under direct guidance of Guruji Brahmananda Sarswati (Dr. Ramamurti Mishra) and his students.
5. Trained with Yogi Hari of Ft. Lauderdale FL (Shivananda Yoga) one intensive week per year for five years. Yogiji also introduced Asthanga Yoga - Pratabhi Jois way.
6. Self studied Vinyasa (Flow of Movements) Yoga.
7. SSY - Siddha Samadhi Yoga - 100 hours of Training in 1998 in Sadhu Vaswani Center.
8. ART of LIVING - Basic Training – Twice 2002-03 20 Hrs each. Advance 4 –days Course – 2005.
9. Kriya Yoga with Yogi Satyam – One week.
10. Pranic Healing Training: Basic/Advance/Psycho Therapy. Crystal Healing and Psychic Defense, Arhatic Meditation (Prep Level) w/ Master Hector, Arhatic Meditation Retreat & Kriya Shakti & "OM Mani Padme Hum" Meditation Course with Grand Master Choa Kok Sui himself.
We offer the following Trainings in affiliation with
VYASA - (Swami Vivekananda Research Foundation, Banglore India)

1. YOGA Instructors Certification Course– 100 Hours Training. (Trained 12 Instructors.)
2. We also offer 25 hours Intensive Practical Yoga Training. (Offered 13 times.)
3. Mini Workshops of 4 - 5 Hour for any of these ailments - Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Low Back Pain and Knee Pain. (One three weeks Training in 2001, Mini - seven)
4. 10 Hours Workshop on SMET - Stress Management for Excessive Tension. (Five)
5. We have been offering Public & Private Bhajan - Kirtan Program for over 22 Years.

Unity in Diversity!

YOGA Training CLASSES: (Complimentary!)
1. Every Sat morning @ 8 to 10 AM & Mon Evening @ 8 – 9:30 PM in SATSANG Center, 1 Pleasant St. WOBURN MA 01801 Offered for 5 + Years
2. Every Sunday Morning @ 8:30 (2 Hrs.) in Sadhu Vaswani Center, 1827 Bridge St. DRACUT MA Offered over 5 Years.
3. Offered up to 4 weekly classes from 1990 to 1998 in OSRAM Sylvania Hillsboro NH with Adult Education System in Hillsboro NH.


Some Details and Cost of our Programs:

1. YOGA Instructors Certification Course
in Affiliation with sVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Research Foundation, Banglore India)
– 100 Hours Training. COST: $500/-

A. Practical Training – 50- to 60 HOURS Program which emphasizes Practical Training: includes 26 Basic Asanas, Structured Pranayam, OM & Cyclic Meditation, Kriyas such as Neti, Trataka (Eyes), Vaman Dhauti, Shankha Prakhshalan (Basti) & Related Yoga Theories.
B. Video Instructions of some 15 Hours on topics such as Happiness Analysis, Unity in Diversity – Streams of YOGA, Mantras and so on.
C. Project – 25 Pages Type written Report on any YOGA related Topics.
D. Presentation by VYASA Staff - 5 to 10 Hours
E. Written Exam, Practical Exam and Project Presentation.

2. PPH – Promotion of Positive Training: We also offer 20 - 25 hours Intensive Practical Yoga Training COST: - $200 .

3. YOGA THERAPY WORKSHOP for any of these ailments, Such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Low Back Pain and Knee Pain. Cost: $50

4. 10 Hours Workshop on SMET - Stress Management for Excessive Tension & Structured Pranayam: COST: $100

COST Includes any related material, Printed, Audio – Video Cassettes.

COST is negotiable for groups.

Details on Timing has to be worked. Most of this training will take place over the weekends including Fridays and Mondays.

For any further clarification, please contact:

Niru & Sudhir Parikh 169 Daniel Plummer Road, Goffstown NH 03045 Home: 603-623-1930, Cell - PCS 603-661-7101 e-mail:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day Wish - posted 061807

OM Shree Ganeshaay Namah OM! OM Gum Ganapataye Namah OM!

2007 Father’s Day wish June 17th!

May my worthy Children, bring about the following changes in their life!

Prayer: O’ Father, Grant us the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the WISDOM to know the difference!

1. Set aside at least once, if not four times a day, to Meditate .... everyday.

Timing: Within one half hour of your local Sunrise, Mid-day, Sunset and Mid-nite (or before going to sleep!

How: Sit Straight in comfortable position, Tongue connected (Tip of the tongue touching the pallet); Deeper, Slower Breathing; Focused mind (@the point between eye brows or third eye – center of forehead or head or Heart), Cheerful – Blissful (Anandmaya) composure and mentally chanting OM or any Mantra or prayer - synchronized with breathing.

How Long: Minimum 22 seconds to 22 minutes!

2. Read RAJA YOGA Book by Dr. HR Nagendra (Sponsored by us!) and watch his DVD on Raja YOGA..

3. Go through our 22 hours YOGA Program by 2008 Father’s day.

4. Master at least Pranayama Practice.

5. Take more & more Satwik Diet.... Gradually eliminate eating Meat and ingesting Liquor.
(That is if you are taking it!)

Well, what do you expect from your YOGI Father!

Of course my best wishes for your Health, Happiness, Peace & Prosperity.
May you have a brilliant Present Moment!

OM Shantihi! OM Peace!

Upcoming YOGA Programs: 2017

For INSPIRATION IX on Improve Memory Power

Upcoming YOGA Programs: 2017

I.    Plz Note the date:  Oct 8th YOGA DAY - SUNDAY 6:30 PM
in SATSANG Center WOBURN MA 01801
All the YOGA Teachers who have been associated with us &
 their Students are INVITED to this Get together. 
Purpose is to share our experiences ….
POT LUCK Dinner!
Bring your Favorite Snacks and Sweet and any other Vegetarian favorite Dish. 

RSVP (MUST):  Plz Register & call us as to what food items U will be bringing: Pankajben781-334-2968,   Chandrakant  781-272-4591,  Hansaben  617-965-9618,  Harshal  617-571-7266,  Rajbhai   978-681-6369, Sudhir  603-661-7101 / 603-661-7101

2.  Oct 7-8-9 Double Program on  
A.   Baba Ramdev PranYOGA - 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM 
B.  Stress Mgmt.- OM Meditation - 1 to 5 PM
NOTE:   Venue:  SATSANG Center for Oct 7th and 9th.   Venue for Oct 8th Sunday - TBD

3.   Oct 13 Fri 8 PM thru 15th Sun 5 PM - RESIDENTIAL
Advanced Meditation Techniques 
a.  MSRT - Mind Sound Resonance Technique, 
b.   PET - Pranic Energization Technique.
Both these Techniques are used for Disease such as Cancer, HIV, MS .... So it can be very useful for anyone!  
Also Chakral Balancing Meditation.  
NOTE: If we have more people interested in Diabetes Program, we can consider changing it!  

4.  Oct. 27 Fri 8 PM thru 29th Sun 5 PM-  RESIDENTIAL 
- PPH - Promotion of Positive Health in Hartford CT.   

For the Benefit of
1.   SANATANA MANDIR Devotees in California
VENUE:  205 Angus Ave.    SAN BRUNO CA    94066   650-794-1294

Plz Note the changes in dates and time

Sep 14th Thurs, 15th Fri & 18th Mon 6 to 7:30 pm

Sept 16th Sat & 17th Sun 9 AM to 12 noon

Baba Ramdev’s Pran YOGA Covers:

1.    Micro YOGA – For Loosening –Muscles and the joints - Cervical Spondylitis … Yoga for Computer Geeks
2.    Dynamic – Yogic Jogging for Improving the Blood Circulation and Strengthening the Major Muscle groups.
3.    Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutation : This is in itself can be Total Workout: for Flexibility and Strengthening.
4.    Selected a few Key Asans :
For Diabetes, Back Pain & Weight Management.
5.    Pranayama :  Breathing Exercises for Energizing, Chemical & Hormonal Balancing of 8 Major Systems. Improved Sleep, Thyroid, Stuttering, OVERALL Improved Health …..
6.    Meditation : For Peace of Mind and Relaxation….
7.    Significant Mudras & Accu - Pressure Points :
     – Better Energy Distribution
Suggested Contribution  $51.00  (11 Hrs Program)

Your Medical Insurance Provider may cover this YOGA Training …..

--> (Tax Deductible Contribution to the extent allowable by IRS!) 

****************************************New Posting on March 30, 2017 on           Turkish Hospitality - Amazing Experience as to how Turkey is embracing YOGA! 

Nataraj Yoga Center offers 

RESIDENTIAL Program Includes Lodging and Boarding 

YOGA Therapy for DIABETES - Workshop Residential 

Nov 4th Fri 8 PM thru 6th 1 PM 
Yoga for Diabetes Workshop
According to Good morning America on Oct 18th 2016. 
10 % of Americans are Diabetic and one in three is Pre-Diabetic.

For Your Consideration:  Looking for participants who would be willing to learn different approaches and be part of the Group who is willing to Experiment with better manage and eventually lead to REVERSAL of Diabetes.  

Will cover Stop Diabetes Movement Program by, also Personal Experiments; Experiences, as to how Life Style changes can help us better Manage, minimize future Complications, and may even REVERSE Diabetes.   Will also cover Su Jok Therapy approach and Baba Ramdev’s approach.  

My personal A1C lowered to 5.9 from 7.1 in less than 3 months.    One of our friends lowered A1C to 5.5 from 14 in one year.  We will share …. 
20 + Hours of Training
This is RESIDENTIAL Program!
INCLUDES Lodging and Boarding…

Venue:  Nataraj Yoga Center
Laxmi Niwas 169 Daniel Plummer Road 
Nov 4th thru 6th '16 Fri 8 pm - Sun 2 pm
20+ Hours of Training  
Registration fee: $150     Plz Register in Advance …
To Register Contact:   (Please CALL or E-MAIL in advance 
Pankajben :   781-334-2968                 Chandrakantbhai 781-272-4591
Hansaben :    617-965-9618                  Harshalbhai :        781-274-8786
SudhirParikh :  603-623-1930
Learn YOGA to manage your Diabetes
 1.  YOGA Postures and Stretches   
2.  YOGA Breathing and Relaxation
3.  Stress Management  - Cyclic Meditation Diet and Nutrition for Diabetics
4.  Life Style Issues:  Mind Over Matter.....
5. YOGA for DIABETES Workshop - Will cover 
* 's STOP Diabetes Movement Program, 
*  also some Personal Experiments & Experiences 
*  where how Life style changes MAY Help U Better Manage, prevent future complications and even Reverse Diabetes. 
*  Will Also cover Su Jok Approach & Baba Ramdev Approach...              

What is Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM)?

1. 20 hour yoga workshop designed by S-Vyasa YOGA University based up on 30 years of research   (         
2. GOAL of Workshop is DIABETES Prevention and Management.  
3.  The Workshop is delivered under the Supervision of 
Trained YOGA Therapists and YOGA Teachers …..
4. The workshop is for people who are above 18 years of age, pre-diabetics or have Type 2 diabetes with A1C below 9, Gestational Diabetes during Pregnancy, Medium–>High Risk
5.  Check with your Medical Insurance Company, They might cover this Program.

Evaluate your DIABETES RISK Factors
1.    AGE
  • Under 35 -  ………………………………....  0 Point
  • Over35 - …………………………………... 20 points, 
  • Over 50 - …………………………………. 30 points,

  • Female <  31.5 in, Male < 35.4 in - ………   0 Points
  • Female 31.5 – 35 in,Male 35.4-39 in- .........10 Points
  • Female > 35 in, Male> 39 in - .………..... 20 Points

MET – Metabolic Equivalent
  • Vigorous - Strenuous – Above 6 MET ….    0 Points
  • Moderate ……………..  3 to 6 MET ……….10 Points
  • Mild – Light …………   below 3 MET …… 20 Points
  • No Exercise  - SEDENTARY ……………... 30 Points

  • Two Non-Diabetic Parents -  ……………….   0 Points
  • Either Parents -  …...……………………….  10 Points
  • Both Parents  -  …..…………………...........  20 Points

TOTAL SCORE:   > 59 - High Risk, 
30 to 50 - Medium Risk, < 30 - Low Risk

Stitch In Time to save Nine!!! Prevention is better than Cure!!!  

See You in 2017!
 Happy Holydays and Happy, Healthy, Peaceful-Blissful and Prosperous New Year.


Residential Basic YOGA Training
in affiliation with SVYASA University, Bangalore

NATARAJA YOGA Center offers

I. Promotion of Positive Health - PPH 
( Leading to YIC - YOGA Instructor's Certification Program)
II. Advanced Meditation Techniques 
All weekend Programs are about 22 to 25 Hours YOGA Training, Starting 8 PM on Friday till upto 5 PM on Sunday

This one weekend Training 
will convince you that YOGA is for You ...                                   I.  PPH Training includes: 
                 1.  ASAN:  26 Basic Postures, 
                 2.  Pranayam: Breathing - Energizing Techniques, 
                 3.  Relaxation  Techniques:  IRT, QRT, DRT - , 
                 4.  Meditation:  OM & Stress Management - SMET,  
                 5.  Six Kriyas - Yogic Cleansing Procedures – for Nasal Allergy, Eyes, Stomach,                                        Abdomen & Alimentary Canals. 
                 6.  Weight Management, Anger Management, Energy Boosters
                      NOTE: Material includes Written Instructions, Book, Audio; Video CDs. ...

           II.  ADVANCED Meditation Techniques                                 
   1. MSRT - Mind Sound Resonance Technique, 
   2. PET - Pranic Energization Technique, and
   3.  Other Meditation Practices

Place: Nataraja YOGA Center, Laxmi Niwas, 
169 Daniel Plummer Road

Open to all participants of any level - beginners or advance, and regardless of age.
III. Inquire about RESIDENTIAL / or Offsite Programs, YOGA Teacher’s Training: Workshops on Stress Management, Specific Ailments such as Diabetes, Hyper Tension – Heart Diseases, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Asthma, Digestive Disorders, Headaches, Anxiety & Depression, Obesity and Private Consultation for any ailments…
Sudhir 603-623-1930 or 603-661-7101 (cell), (for Pranayam)
Pankajben781-334-2968 Hansaben 617-965-9618 
Chandrakant 781-272-4591 Harshalbhai 617-571-7266  
SATSANG Center ( 
are a non-profit Tax-Exempt Organizations.

Unity of Religions!      Love is God! God is one, paths are many!