Thursday, May 3, 2007

BLISS Divine May 3rd 2007

BLISS Divine!!! Ocean of Bliss - Tranquility!
During Waking Hours!

Let the ever shining, ever smiling, resplendent, radiant, inner SUN manifest through...
DO NOT let the clouds of negative thinking block it! Do not let others' thoughts eclipse it!

Bliss, Bliss, my dear nothing but Bliss...

Annamaya Kosha: - @ Physical Level: -
1. Tip of the tongue connected to the pallet - roof of the mouth. (Third eye psychic center is just above the pallet represented by Pineal Gland, also known as Blue Pearl, Shiva's Third Eye. According to Clairvoyance, this balances the flow of Energy by removing any obstructions!)
2. Smile on the face!
Every so often, go for Meditation (Make your own Schedule at least Twice a day.)
3. Eyes closed or in Sambhavi Mudra! (The Shiva keeps his eyes in Meditation, Half open, half closed, looking towards third eye!)
4. Relaxed body like in Meditation. Sitting erract, neck straight.

Pranamaya Kosha: - @ Prana - Energy Level
Breathing - Deeper, Slower and Balanced in both the nostrils. Ujjai Breathing and as often as possible, alternate breathing / Nadi-Shuddhi!
Respiration Rate (RR) less than 10 per minute. Preferable RR is <5. At RR 1, Kundalini awakens!

Manomaya Kosha:
@Mental Level -
Focused Mind. Be a witness of your thoughts. Do not become emotionally involved with the thoughts. Keep bringing your awareness back to a single thought or a prayer. Like SO - AHAM. Inhale SO, drawing in pure, +ve, divine energy, energizing the whole system and as we exhale, letting go AHAM … EGO!

Vigyanmaya Kosha: @ Intellectual Level:-
Firmly established on SELF.
Shanaihi Shanaihi Uperamate, Budhdhya Dhruti Gruhi taya;
Atma Samstham manah Krutwa, Na kinchidapi Chintyet!

Anandmaya Kosha: - Ananda ! Ananda !! Ananda !!!

Atma Samstham - means firmly established in Atma. Atma is the state of Sat-Chit-Ananda! Blissful Awareness! Be in Alpha State! (Alpha State is attained in Meditation!) State of Meditation is the state prior to Samadhi! Samadhi is the burst of Joy! Peace with Joy! Simply Bliss!
Bliss Divine!!! (Who knows/ Will find out soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

OM Namah Shivay OM !
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