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Weight Management
Eight Points Proven Approach

By Sudhir Parikh 603-623-1930 603-661-7101 Cell, April 18, 2007
As per Baba Ramdev: OBESITY is caused by 1. Lack of Physical use of the body, 2. Genetic, 3. Thyroid and 4. Excess Food Consumption.
OBESITY causes Diabetes, Depression, Heart Problems, Arthritis, Knee Pain, Low Back pain,

a. Know your Ideal weight - 1KG per one inch of your Height. (2.2 Lbs. per Kg.)
b. Make up your mind to reach that ideal at the rate of 4 - 5 lbs. per month.
c. Check you weight everyday at the same time. Post that number in conspicuous places as constant reminder!
d. NOTE: Studies suggest that 20% over weight doubles our venerability for heart ailments!

II. WATER Principle:

A. Cleaning your mouth thoroughly prior to going to bed. 1. Preferably Brush with Tooth Powder such as Vicko black, Divya Dant Manjan or Zee Too from India. 2. Water Jet - daily. 3. Flossing – every other day. 4. Flouridation – gargle for a couple of minutes daily.

B. Procedure: 1. Drink a couple of glasses of Water one hour before going to sleep.
2. Four glasses preferably left over-nite in Copper vessel, first thing in the morning before brushing or rinsing your mouth. (This practice is suggested, as there are supposed to be Good bacteria existing.)
WATER as FOOD: Add Lemon in lukewarm water for Shankprakshalan effect (Enema), help relieve constipation. A word of Caution – In the beginning, you may need about half an hour to ingest the water. Allow an hour before leaving your home!
3. Take additional eight glasses during the day.
4. For every 25 lbs. of over weight condition, one should take additional one quart a day.

C. Benefits: This amount of water helps getting rid of excess water, excess fat and also flush out the toxins efficiently from the system.

D. NOTES: You will notice the color of the urine matching that of water. Within a couple of months your system will get adjusted. Feeling thirsty is the sign of sufficient water intake.
E. Excess Water: Safe level for Water intake is 2 - 8 Oz. glasses per hour.

III. FOOD Intake:
A. Over a month’s period, gradually reduce amount of grain food to once a day and only two - handsful. (Khobo?).
B. When you feel hungry, take Fruits, Nuts, Seeds Vegetables and Salads.
C. All the fatty food & sweets: just take minimum amount for the ‘taste’ purpose.
D. Reasonable amounts of nuts are good for our system.
E. Minimize, if not eliminate fried food. By boiling vegetable oil, unsaturated Fat turns into Saturated Fat and only way to get rid of it is by rigorous exercise.
F. Vegetarian diet is preferable! Five different colors of fruits and vegetables (Each) are very helpful. Study
G. Extra Calories turns into Fat.
H. Misc Items: Whole Milk, Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Walnut & Flaxseed Oil, Siesta, Vitamin D

IV. EXERCISE: Best one in our opinion and experience is the stair-master or your own stairway. Begin with 5 minutes a day until you can at least do it for 20 – 30 minutes.

General Aerobic conditioning requirements are:

a. Determine Target Zone for Heart rate (HR): 180 minus your age less 10.
Say, if you are 50 years young. The Target Zone is 120 to 130 HR.

b. You can reach that level in about 10 minutes – Warm up period. Maintain HR in target zone for 22 minutes. Abut 10 minutes cooling until HR comes below 100. Cooling is achieved through simple walking or your continued exercise at lower pace. Of course the best form of aerobic conditioning exercise is the one you enjoy the most with minimum - low impact on your joints!

c. It is a must to practice every other day to maintain the level of conditioning. Additional 10 minutes of workout doubles the benefit. Muscle starts loosing its conditioning around 48hours.

V. PRANAYAM: As per VYASA, ( Bangalore India, Surya Nadi Anuloma-Viloma – Right Nostril Alternate Breathing – 27 times per session and 3 to 5 sessions per day. End each session with 3 – 5 rounds of alternate breathing. This practice has been proven to reduce weight 3 – 7 pounds per month until your system reaches the balance.

CAUTION: If you also have uncontrolled BP, do Nadi Shuddhi. One should practice, Minimum 13.5 times, preferable 27 times per session & 4 sessions per day; preferably with empty stomach. It is like doing four Sandhyaa: @ 1. Sunrise, 2. Noon, 3. Sunset and 4. Mid-night OR 1. after getting up / before breakfast, 2. before Lunch, 3. before Supper and 4. before going to sleep.

VI. SUNGAZING: Most noted changes by following HRM protocol, energy level goes up, appetite – craving for food reduces, eye sight improves and it seems to be very satisfying pleasing experience! Some reports reaching the state of INEDIAN! No food in-take!!! I.
Our friends have reported weight reduction of 4 to 16 pounds in six months of practice. Sunbathing of minimum of 15 minutes a day is very important for producing Natural Vitamin D to enhance the absorption of Calcium. Sunlight that produces bearable – pleasurable heat on the skin. Definitely, stay away from Burning Sunlight ….

VII. SATWIK DIET: This is based upon my personal experience whereby, I reduced 17 pounds over 6 – 8 months. In 1992 by following first four items; and I have maintained that reduced level for last fifteen years. Since April 9 2005, I am down to 132 Lbs, another 10 - 12 lbs after I started Fruitarian (Satwik) diet, which includes Milk products. . It includes Fruits, Nuts & Dried Fruits, Vegetables (Fresh or boiled / steamed), Beans & Legume (Green Soy, Chana – Garbanzo, Tuer, Mung & Chana – preferably Sprouted), Seeds (Pumpkin, Sunflower, Pine, Flex Seeds), Milk products [1% Milk (NO More), Yogurt, Chocolate]. This weight reduction was achieved in 4 months. Basically, eat less than you need. Recommended Calorie intake is 2000 per day.
NOTE: One noteworthy point is that by combining Sun Gazing and Satwik food diet, muscles seems to become tireless, resilient.

APPEAL: If you decide to follow this Program, please share your experience with us. Thank you!

VIII. Baba Ramdev Program: After watching some five of his Live Shibirs (Camps) this winter, I am convinced that the best way to learn his approach is to just do that. One should subscribe to Astha International for some $25 a month. It is well worth the investment! Program is in Hindi. We have sbscribed for over a Year now and it s just fabtastic! Now, Z TV has 1 hour coverage everyday,
Kapalbhati reduces .25 to .5 gm per stroke, Uttanpadasan - Leg Lifting, PadVritsana - Leg Circling, & Cycling with One leg @ a time & both legs together: For every one Kg of Extra wt do one extra round over minimum 5 rounds. Dynamic Jogging: 3 mts each of 1. Standing jogging, 2. Triangle Stretch in Lateral Plane 3. Alternate Toes Touching 4. Bending Forward 5. Jumping Jack and 6. Spinal Twist
Should U decide to follow this Program, writer would appreciate your experience. THank you!
Anything, one can Conceive & Believe, can Achieve!

Good Luck and God Bless you!

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