Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Dec 7th, Thursday 2006.

Bharat Mata ki Jai! Victory to Mother Bharat!


Dear Satsangi / YOGA Families.

Greetings: It is that time of the Year where we end with helping the needy esp. in Bharat. I personally feel that www.ekal.org is one of the best causes as it works with / for Adivasi Children. Give them the most basic education along with our Sasmkars and Personal & Community Hygiene. This schools are opened in the village where Govt. has not reached yet in last sixty years of Independence . Irony of it: The school I visited had Govt School too. Why? the Sir Panch said that it has only been opened for last two years and Ekal was for some five years. Instead of going to other villages w/o schools this is what is happening for whatever Godly reason. Then other interesting point is that Govt. school does not tackle Samskars and Hygiene. So Sir Panch said that in order to assure all the Kids in the community get the exposure to Valuable education in Hygiene & Samskar, they use Ekal Teacher for special classes.

Today there are 18225 schools running, reaching 547750 Adivasi Children. $1 a day goes long way! Since we know each other, I would like you to consider making year end, tax-deductible contribution at least for one school. If not start saving one dollar a day for next year and send Good faith amount now, whatever appeals to you heart. No amount is small.....

Special request to Gujarati folks: Please do not insist on Gujarat as the only preference as: I am told that 70% of the money that are contributed by USA is from Gujaraties. If everyone insist on Gujarat then they will have hard time as Gujarat is not really ready for either. This year, when I will visit Bharat in Jan-Feb 2007, I will have a meeting with Gujarati Ekal Leaders to get better picture personally.

I suggest to you that support whichever state you come from or feel allegiance to. BUT DO SOMETHING. I am very happy to say that SATSANG & Gurjar Association has formerly accepted to support Ekal People Movement. We would like to appeal to other regional organization to come forward to do the same.

My family has been sponsoring five to seven schools for last few years. Savitribahan & Prabhubhai Hingorani of Sadhu Vaswani Center has sponsored over forty schools in 2006.

For further information and the FORM, please go to www.satsangcenter.org & click on Ekal button.

NOW are you ready? Please get your check book out and consulting your spouse & inner conscience, Just fill out the amount appealing your heart. Shubhasya Shighram! Any thing worthwhile – Good, just act promptly, like NOW!

Lets fill those thirsty children with proper Education!

God bless you! God bless Bharat Mata!

- respectfully,

Sudhir Parikh nirusudhir1@yahoo.com 603-623-1930, Uttam Patel 781-270-9736,
Sangeeta Saxena 781-863-8886, Tarun Dave 978-998-0072, Bipin Parekh 978-256-2954
On Behalf of SATSANG Center , Gayatri Parivar, SATSANG Balgokulam, Gurjar (of NE).

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