Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Triple Bypass Part I

My Triple Bypass Part I:
November 20th :
We were very impressed by the response from the staff at Washington Hospital Center . We appreciate the help of Bhasker and Shah Associates. Their contacts at the hospital helped expedite the entire process. Raju, Sanju, Sandeep & Leah arrived from California that morning and joined the Jhaveri & Zaveri Families. Dr. Ammar Bafi was assigned to the surgery and kindly went over what to expect with me.

Niru-and our three sons briefly huddled in the Nurse’s office privately before I was taken into the expected 3 to 4 hour surgery. Just in case God felt that I am needed more somewhere else, I expressed my last desire for maintaining family unity. It was a very emotional moment for us. The way events were moving I felt that the surgery will be performed on Somavati Amas and that too during the most auspicious times of the day. So I felt much better about it...

When I entered the operating theater, some attendees mentioned not to worry, everything will be fine. My usual response was that I never worry! One nurse mentioned, “Do you trust us?” I said, “I trust God! And I know that he will guide all of you to perform this surgery and he will be working through you.”

November 21, 2006
Jai Shree Krishna !!!
This morning I woke up to find that I’m alive and that God had saved me. Lord Shiva heard and consented to everyone’s prayer. I vaguely remembered Dr. Bafi talking to me and saying that the triple bypass surgery was successful. I felt sedated. The procedure took one hour & forty-five minutes, and done without the help of artificial bypass pumps. Finding the 2nd ICU unnecessary, I was moved into a semi-private room. Later on, they transferred me to a private room.

November 24, 2006.
After careful observation and no further complications, I was released. Fortunately, I never suffered a heart attack but was saved from impending disaster. In retrospect, I need to thank the person in-charge of Stress Tests at CMC Manchester Hospital . She (Judy, as I recall) forced the issue of going through catheterization where a few more serious blockages were discovered.

My recovery is progressing extremely well. I am able to carry on conversations passionately! I can walk 15 minutes at a stretch without running short of breath or feeling tired. I walked three times yesterday and twice today plus did a lot of short excursions.

On behalf of my family, we thank SATSANG Families, YOGA Families, and you for your warm thoughts and deep prayers! We are deeply touched by your packages, cards, e-mails, phone calls and a special prayer arranged in SATSANG Center on November 20th Monday.

I firmly believe that Divine Forces has its ways of teaching us a lesson. I will write more about that in the future...
OM Namah Shivay OM ! – Sudhir
*** WELCOME even calamities as a blessing of GOD! ***

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