Monday, August 15, 2016

PEARLS of WISDOM revised on Aug 15, 2016

PEARLS OF WISDOM!     For Art of Living!

HARI OM!              LISTEN TO ME!            HURRY HOME!

Revised August 15th 2016!

I write every so often about the interesting experiences I have.  So while they are fresh on my mind, I can save them as close to actual experience, the feelings and emotions prevailing at that time.  As we think that we can recollect them in future, usually I find the most important aspect of the incident, the sentimental value diminishes if not disappear.  I have a CALLING that I should WRITE my Autobiography.  An Autobiography of an Ordinary Person!  Everyone gets inspired by some philosophy or incidences in their life that drives them to take actions, which moulds their life and affects the life of people around them.  

This philosophy, we either have embraced or believe and strive to implement!   
They have deeply impressed our psyche.

Do not live beyond our means!  Reduce if not eliminate our wants.  Minimize our needs!
Save 16% of our income for better future.   Invest aggressively but not rashly.  
We all believe in enjoying life.  However, Satya Sai reveals the secret meaning of word, ENJOY!  He promotes The End of the Petty Joys.   Our scriptures say that because we are Bliss embodiment, unconsciously we are driven to seek pleasures out of everything.  

Dedicate 10% of our income or expenditure, for the betterment of Humanity.  Charity begins at home.  First help immediate family, then friends, community, one's faith, nationally and internationally.  Our Community also includes Hindus back home in Bharat. Why Hindus only? 
(For last 70 years, the Govt. has been Anti-Hindus?)

25% of Food expenses - donate to needy people.  

Devote minimum one hour a day, for Personal, Spiritual Growth.   I devote Mini 3 hours a day.

Health is Wealth:  Body is our Temple, mind is the inner sanctum where resides our Atma, a part and parcel of higher Divinity (GOD).  The nature of Atma is Sat -Truth, Chit - Knowledge and Anand - Bliss.  Truth is that we are not the Body and Mind but we are the very life Force - the Spirit – Soul.  That alone is Knowledge that leads us to experience of our self which is part & parcel of God, Param-Atma.  That experience is living in Bliss, effortlessly.  Paramhansa Yogananda says that any time not seeking the TRUTH is really wasted.  Like Satya Sai says that any time & energy not devoted to NamSamkirtan (chanting Lord's name and his qualities) tantamount to waste!  Morari Bapu emphasizes that this is the age of Nam Samkirtan for our Salvation.  Salvation is freedom from wants, desires leading to misery and unhappiness, 
eventually from the cycle of birth & death.  

Community Service:  Physically, we should devote 3 to 5 hours a week in the betterment of Humanity.  Work on leaving better world behind than you found it!   It is our Duty to learn & understand of all aspects of YOGA.  YOGA is NOT merely a practice of Asana, Pranayam and Meditation.  YOGA is the way of Living.  
What is Raj YOGA, Bhakti YOGA, Karma YOGA and Gyaan YOGA and 
how they can be integrated in every moment of our life.  
(Some call it an Art of Living!  In reality, it could be Art & Science of Living!)  
How the philosophy can be turned into practice every moment of life.  

Be the MASTER, not a SLAVE of our EMOTIONS!  

Live every Moment in Bliss!  Or Live in Blissful Awareness!

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DJ Shah said...

Sudhir bhai,
How can we get our young kids get involved in values learning early on?
Some how Christians, Muslims & Jewish communities do better job!
Dipak Shah