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Stress Management for Excessive Tension - SMET ( May 18, 2009

This is the Creation of It is one the most, if NOT the MOST effective Meditation Technique for Relaxation.

Here is the Practice: If you benefit from this Practice, you should very strongly consider sending your Monetary Gift to Nataraja YOGA Center, in turn, NYC will compensate VYASA.

SMET – STRESS Management for Excessive (Executive) Tension

1. Prayer: Laye Shabodhayet Chittam (Recognize and address the state of Tamas – lethargi, Vikshiptam Samyet Punnah (Calm down the agitated Mind), again and again, Sakashayam Vijaniyat (as & when you recognize0, Samap prapte na chalayet (once arrive at the Calm state, do not disturb it. OM Shantihi, Shantihi, Shantihi. OM Peace, Peace, Peace.

2. IRT – Instant Relaxation Technoique (Savasana)
NOTE: (Seating up by rolling over from side.)

3. STANDING POSTURES (Asana – Pose or Posture)

A. Tada Asana (Standing like Pal Tree Pose)
B. Centering
C. OM - Kaar
D. Ardh Kati (Waist) Chakra Asana (Kalf Waist Wheel - Bending Sideways at the Waist) (Both sides)
E. Paad Hastasana Bending Forward Chant .... Mmm.... – kaar,
F. Ardh Chakra Asana (Bending Backward at the Waist). Chant Aaa.... - kaar
4. QRT – Quick Relaxation Technique Three Phases A. Observe B. Synchronize with maximizing & normalize and C. Energize & Relax (5 Rounds each)

5. SITTING POSTURES (NOTE: Seating up by rolling over from OTHER side.)

A. Vajra Asana ( Ankle - Kneeling Pose)
B. Shashanka Asana (Moon - Child Pose) Chant .... Mmm.... – kaar
C. Ardha Ustra Asana (Camel Pose) Chant Aaa.... - kaar

6. DRT – DEEP RELAXATION TECHNIQUE Six – Phases A. Legs Chant Aaa.... – kaar, B. Trunk, Shoulders, Arms and hands - Chant Uuu.... – kaar C. Neck and Face, Head - Chant Mmm.... – kaar D. Chant Aaa.... – kaar, Chant Uuu.... – kaar, Chant Mmm.... – kaar, Wave effect, E. Body apartness. F. All purvasive, epansiveness Blissful Awareness ........

7. PRAYER (OM Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve santu Niramaya, Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu, Maa Kaschid Dukhbhag Bhavet. May all be Happy, Healthy, Prosporous and may noone suffer (especially on account of me. OM Shantihi, Shantihi, Shantihi. OM Peace, Peace, Peace.

8. TIPS: A. All the asanas are to be performed very, very, very slowly, gracefully, rhythmically.
B. Normal but deeper slower and ujjai Breathing woth gentle smile throughout the practice.
C. Final position of each movement – Five deeper and slower Ujjai breathing
D. Stretching in final position to the maximum, but not beyond pleasurable pain area.
E. Eyes closed throughout the practice.
F. FEEL all the changes going on in the BODY-MIND Complex. The more you feel , the deeper will be the relaxation to the body and greater will be the silencing of the mind. "Be still and ye shall realize Divinity!"
G. Again, recognize & maintain All pervasive, expansiveness Blissful Awareness .....

9. NOTE: BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is reduced with normal sleep by 9%, with TM – 15% almost double and with SMET (Full Version of Cyclic Meditation) 27 % +, three times the sleep level!
ENJOY! With the Best Wishes and God Bless you! If you need any further assistance please contact the writer.
We highly appreciate for their great Contribution .....


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