Saturday, April 19, 2008

Malyasia I

Feb 23rd We are in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

Hari OM!

Well, Dr. Bhaskermama and now Masa suggested that since we left Baroda, we should keep you guys informed as to our where abouts. So Starting from February 18th, we left Vadodara by Baroda Express. Vijaybhai came to receive us (Niru & I) at 4:30 AM at Borivalli Railway Station. It was kind of early but it was gracious of him to come that early. His nephew drove the van. Thanx to Singapore Airline to allow 32.5 KG (70 lbs.) per bag. This the first time that we did not pack it to the last ounce. We left some 2 to 3 Kg less per bag. Even then they felt pretty heavy. Vijaybhai & Geetaben know no limit of their generosity as warm host. Vijaybhai & I chit-chatted till 7 AM and then we dropped to bed. I woke up at around 10 AM. At around 12:30, we met with his eldest brother Bipinbhai, who is zealous follower of SSY (Siddha Samadhi YOGA). So we had great SATSANG for about an hour. Then we paid visit to their parents to receive their blessings. We had nice lunch prepared by Geetaben. (Masa, I cannot go into details .....). Bipinbhai got us varieties of fruits. Vijaybhai gave his Van to us to take us to Suresbhai-Prabhaben's place in Juhu - Ville Parle area. The elite area where where welknown Bollywood actors and actresses live. We left Mumbai around 12:30 midnite (Feb 20th) We arrived to Singapore at around 8:30 AM and our new host Vasi Khilanani received us at the airport. Poonaji was waiting to welcome us at their home. Now, first day in Singapore, we took rest and in the evening we went to Satya Sai Bhajans. Next day we went to see Botanical Garden (as suggested by Masi) and also Bird Park. We must say that if you visit Singapore, besides Santosha Island, Meuse um of Singapore History, these two places should be included as worthwhile to visit. we have yet to see the nite safari.

We came to KL (Koala Lumpur by bus from Singapore. Three YOGA masters from Gwalier also joined us for the first day. They stayed with us as we have accommodation for 8 people. When we arrived in KL. we had no Malaysian currency, so the Bus Receptionist (out of pity for us and our predicament) gave us two Ringests (Malaysian Currency) so that we can come to the KL Center by train and get the exchange. We arrive by Taxi to our resort at around three pm. Compared to our Spain Visit where Bhaskermama-Ritamami - Mamta and Diplimama-Smitamami joined us, we felt pretty lonely. After some six hours of smooth ride from Singapore and about two hours of trying times in KL, as soon as we came to our Resort, we took shower and dropped in bed. Oh what a nice sleep! we woke up after some three - four hours when our guest arrived. They kept ringing our room phone and banging on our door but no avail for over half an hour. Finally, I woke up with the telephone ring and rushed down stair to answer ...........

We had nice Khichadi ..... Our guest left next day morning. We did our morning YOGA - Short version of one hour and then left for KL visit. We felt very lonely but after about two hour for gathering information, we went to Little India. When we got there, we felt pretty disappointed as there is no such as Little India. It is called India Masjid. Very poor restaurant and small grocery store and some clothing stores. As we were looking for nice Indian grocery store, finally someone suggested to go to nearby different area. We stumbled into Shiradi Sai small Temple. Our spirit got some lift. We went inside and found beautiful four feet Murti and lots of pictures of Saibaba and Babaji. Their cook told us the exact location of nearby Indian Bazaar with some nice Indian Restaurants. So we went to visit that small area (compared to Singapore, which has wel-developed big area known as Little India).
Very happy to visit that area. 7:00. PM we returned to Sai Temple for evening SATSANG. Over 100 devotees gathered for SATSANG. Nice Satsang followed by nice Maha-Prasad. Finally, we came back to our resort at around 9 PM after our taxi driver got lost. Only transportation we have from resort is Taxi. OK, we shall write you more ....later on! Let me go to sleep. It is around 11:30 PM. I have 30 minutes of new Pranayama sadhana and Meditation before sleep.

OM Shanti OM! - sudhir

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